Norbury High School for Girls

Revised start/finish times - click for more

Revised temporary start/finish times will come into effect from 18th Jan 2022

Update 17th January 2022:

Please see below revised temporary start and finish times which come into effect from Tuesday 18th January 2022. Apologies for the short notice.



Start time


7 08.30 Front
8 08.30 Rear
9 08.20 Front
10 08.20 Rear
11 08.40 Rear
12 08.40 Front
13 08.40 Front



Start time

Finish time


7 08.20 15.15 Front
8 08.20 15.15 Rear
9 08.10 15.05 Front
10 08.10 15.05 Rear
11 08.30 16.15 Rear
12 08.30 16.15 Front
13 08.30 16.15 Front



Update 14th January 2022:

We are happy to be reopening on Monday 17th January. Please note the following arrival times on Monday 17th January only:


Start time


7 10.55 Front
8 10.55 Rear
9 10.45 Front
10 10.45 Rear
11 11.15 Rear
12 11.15 Front
13 11.15 Front


Update 10th January 2022:

Revised Covid-19 risk assessment


Update 7th January 2022:

The school will be closed from 13.15 on Friday 7th January until Monday 17th January to all students except those who are classified as vulnerable or whose parents qualify as critical workers. This is due to high levels of Covid-19. 

Students in years 8 and 10 will be dismissed at 12.15; students in years 9 and 11 will be dismissed at 12.45. Students can collect their lunches (where applicable) before they leave. The school will be closed to all students from 13.15 today.

We understand this will greatly inconvenience many parents/carers and apologise for the short notice; the decision to close the school was made in consultation with Croydon Public Health.

Students will be expected to work remotely next week and to stay at home.

Read the letter sent to parents/carers today for full details


Update 5th January 2022:

Please see the letters sent to parents/carers yesterday with regard to the most recent arrangements.


Please note the following temporary start and finish times will apply from Tuesday 7th December. Please ensure your daughter arrives at the correct time and gate, wearing her year group lanyard so we can maintain bubbles safely.

The second table below gives leaving times for the last day of term, Friday 17th December.

Thank you for your co-operation at what continues to be a difficult time.

Year group

Start time

Entrance gate


Finish time

Exit gate

7 08.20 Front Go directly to form group 15.15 Front
8 08.30 Rear Go directly to form group 15.15 Rear
9 08.10 Front Line up on tennis court 15.05 Front
10 08.20 Rear Go directly to form group 15.05 Rear



Please put bags in lockers and line up on the main playground.

For the exams that start later in the day please line up on the tennis courts. If sitting an afternoon exam leave as indicated (right); if not, leave at the end of exam for study leave as planned.

15.50 Rear
12 08.30 Front Go directly to form group/registration 16.15 Front
13 08.40 Rear Go directly to period 1 lesson 16.15 Front

Leaving times on Friday 17th December:

Year group



7 12.25 Front
8 12.25 Rear
9 12.15 Front
10 12.15 Rear
11 12.35 Rear