Norbury High School for Girls

Students Buck National Trends with Record GCSE Results

Excellent GCSE results follow outstanding A level successes
Norbury Manor students and staff were once again celebrating record-breaking GCSE results today. 
Despite the introduction of  tougher exams and more rigorous specifications for maths and English, 75% of the college’s students scored at least a standard pass - the new grade 4 - in both subjects.
And while, nationally, the proportion of entries receiving top grades fell to its lowest since 2007, the number of results scoring A/7 or above at Norbury Manor actually rose by 6% with 66% of students gaining at least one A/7 or above (up by a huge 16% on 2016).
There were some outstanding individual performances. Rabia Dilawar and Orisela Malaj received grade 9 GCSE scores (the highest possible) in each of their maths, English language and English literature examinations while many others received top grades in at least two maths or English subjects.
Today's record-breaking results were the perfect complement to last week’s A level successes.