Norbury High School for Girls

Catering Services

Norbury High complies with the new School Food Standards and recognises the importance of a nutritious meal to both learning and health. 

The school's cashless payment system allows parents to pay for their child’s meals online and in advance meaning they can be certain the money isn't lost and is used for its intended purpose; parents can also check which meal options their child is purchasing by logging on to their account.

To check your child's eligibility for free school meals please use this link:

The school's dining services are provided by Olive Dining who are passionate about providing nutritious and delicious school meals. Food is prepared on site by the school chef, Taf, and his team using fresh regional produce from local suppliers. Our meat - halal poultry, beef and lamb - is provided by UK suppliers certificated by the Halal Food Authority. Our fish is from sustainable sources, all eggs are designated free-range and the use of seasonal produce and traditional crockery and cutlery helps to reduce emissions. The menus have been accredited with the Soil Association's Food for Life Silver Catering Mark which underlines a commitment to using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, at least 5% of which are derived from organic sources.

Olive Dining's exciting and innovative menus offer a variety of hot dishes with different concepts on rolling three-week cycles (with week one being the first week of term - see the attachments at the bottom of this page for details and prices).

The cold deli bar also offers plenty of delicious fresh salad options along with a selection of freshly filled sandwiches and baguettes. Other food choices include morning break items and grab-and-go snacks from the pod area. The meal deal offers great value and includes a hot or cold main plus a hot or cold dessert. Several fun theme days for students are run throughout the academic year.

Olive Dining's main menus denote the allergens in each dish, while sandwiches and grab-and-go items are individually labelled with allergen information as per 'Natasha’s Law' legislation. Customers are encouraged to ask any member of the catering team if they require further information on allergens. If you have any worries or concerns please contact Taf Feshitan on 020 8679 0062 (ext. 229).

For further information about Olive Dining visit or see their Instagram or Twitter pages.