Norbury High School for Girls


Welcome to the Norbury High School for Girls staff pages. Please use the links below to contact individual members of staff and the links on the right to access further information.

Senior Leadership Team
Headteacher Mrs M. Hayden
Deputy Headteacher Ms M. Collins
Deputy Headteacher Ms A. Ryder Owen
Assistant Headteacher Mr N. Campbell
Assistant Headteacher Mr T. Dale
Assistant Headteacher Miss V. Hardwick
Assistant Headteacher Ms C. Rollins
Assistant Headteacher Ms S. Tsoukkas
Year Group Heads
Head of Year 7 Ms J. Campbell
Head of Year 8 Ms F. King
Head of Year 9 Mr J. Johnson
Head of Year 10 Ms K. Leslie
Head of Year 11 Ms C. Emanuel-Stanford
Head of Year 12 Ms E. Nicholls
Head of Year 13 Mr Z. Choudhry
Learning Support
Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Mrs A. Dancy

Pastoral Leaders
Key Stage 3 Ms Y. Bhunting-Ghafoor
Key Stage 4 Ms S. Tully Kedge
Pastoral - Other
LAC and Family Liaison Officer

Ms S. Patten

Admin Support Ms N. Boodoo-Uddin