Norbury High School for Girls


Our values

Our mission statement

Norbury High School for Girls, part of The Manor Trust, is a unique, forward-thinking and diverse community dedicated to delivering our key values:

  • Empowerment – As a single-sex school, we empower the women of the future and support our girls to realise their potential
  • Equality – We celebrate the diversity within our community and our students understand and embrace each other’s differences
  • Empathy – Our students learn to treat each other with respect and understanding, developing interpersonal skills of empathy and communication during their time at our school
  • Excellence – Our students are given the tools and support they need to aim high, become independent learners and achieve their best

Norbury High provides its students with the support, knowledge and opportunities they deserve to become empowered and empathetic individuals who value equality and strive for excellence.

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Norbury High School for Girls is part of The Manor Trust, a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales under company number 07843573. Registered office: Norbury High School for Girls, Kensington Avenue, Thornton Heath, Croydon CR7 8BT.