Norbury High School for Girls

Homework and revision


According to research by the Education Endowment Foundation, completing regular homework linked to classroom work has a positive impact on attainment of secondary age
students of more than five months.

That means students who regularly complete homework are nearly six months ahead of their peers who do not.

Homework encourages pupils to develop the skills, confidence and motivation
needed to study effectively on their own. It helps...

  • To extend school learning, for example through additional reading and retrieval
  • To consolidate, practise and reinforce skills and understanding developed at school
  • To sustain the involvement of parents and carers in the management of students’ learning and keeping them informed about the work pupils are doing

Because of this, we have introduced a new system of homework for students in key stage 3 (KS3), i.e. years 7, 8 and 9, which is straightforward and impactful.

General Information

A homework diary (planner) will be provided for all students to record their homework.
The planner should be kept with them at all times and students should get it out at
the start of each lesson with their books, pens, etc. Students who have lost their
planner can buy a new one from the office.

Homework will also be set on the relevant Google Classroom. All KS3 students will complete homework for core subjects, humanities and languages only. This will be comprised of short digital-based tasks and should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Homework will be timetabled with the same submission and collection day
(alphabetically) for years 7 to 9 allowing for consistency. Students should have their
logins for these by 25th September 2023.

Key stage 4 and key stage 5 homework is under review but will continue to be set on
Google Classroom for every subject. Study support will be available every day after school for those who have not completed homework.

Homework Timetable (Key Stage 3 only)






English Monday Monday 30 mins

Bedrock (yr7)

Century (yr 9)

 Humanities  Tuesday Tuesday 30 mins

Seneca /

Google Classroom

Maths  Wednesday  Wednesday 30 mins Sparx
MFL Thursday Thursday 30 mins

Vocab test / 

Language Gym

Science Friday Friday 30 mins Kerboodle



Please use the links below to access revision materials and useful sites:

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