Norbury High School for Girls


 The catering services price list is available to view here. For more information concerning menus, please see our Catering Services page

The school accepts electronic payments for school meals, trips and the college fund. These can be made online using ParentPay. In addition, a PayPoint card can be used in a local store to pay for college meals only (meals can be paid for in advance for one week, several weeks or for the half term).

ParentPay offers parents and carers the freedom to make payments whenever and wherever they like using secure online accounts with unique user IDs and passwords (passwords can be changed to something memorable and accounts for two or more children can be merged). Making a payment is straightforward and no card details are stored in any part of the system. ParentPay holds an electronic record of individual payments that can be viewed at a later date; PayPoint payments are also recorded by ParentPay and can be viewed in the payment archive area.

To access the ParentPay site, click on the ParentPay logo above (to find out more about ParentPay, read our guide). If you have forgotten your password and/or username, please click here or email: