Norbury High School for Girls

Breakfast Club Helps Settle Nervous Stomachs

Free breakfasts ease exam stress for Year 11 students
  The recent Breakfast Club, led by Ms Blake, Head of Year 11, and Mrs Kemal, Lead Mentor, was a huge success. Students in Year 11 were offered fruit, cereal and toast (with jam or chocolate spread) free of charge to help with focus and concentration during their college examination period. The club not only encouraged the girls to arrive on time but also provided a quiet space where they could meet with friends for a spot of last minute revision. As well as Ms Blake and Mrs Kemal, form tutors came along to offer support and encouragement and settle any pre-exam nerves. On average, just over half the year group attended each morning, with students commenting they found the experience enjoyable and beneficial and were very grateful for the sacrifices (and occasional burnt offerings) made by Ms Blake and Mrs Kemal. With students expressing the wish to repeat the experience, it’s likely the club will run again during next year’s summer examinations period.