Norbury High School for Girls

Norbury Manor Ranked in Top 10% of Secondary Schools Nationally

DfE's Progress 8 data shows school is performing exceptionally well
Performance data released by the Department for Education (DfE) in October 2017 ranks Norbury Manor in the top 10% of schools in the country. 
After years of steadily improving results (culminating in our students delivering the best examination outcomes the school has ever seen in the summer of 2017), the DfE has awarded Norbury Manor a Progress 8 score so significant it places us in the highest possible band. This situates us not only very close to the top of the list of state funded schools in Croydon but in the top 10% nationally (schools with scores of 0.5 or higher are in the top 12%; our score of 0.57 places us in the top 10%).
Norbury Manor also came top in Croydon for students who stayed in education or went into employment upon completing Key Stage 4, scoring 99%, with its overall score placing it above several local schools with outstanding Ofsted ratings, some of which have intakes that are partially selective (i.e. subject to entrance exams).
The fact that these results were achieved against a backdrop of tougher exams and more rigorous specifications makes them all the more significant. A new system of assessment, introduced for the first time this year, awards students grades of 1 to 9 (with 9 being the best possible outcome) in English language, English literature and mathematics. Despite the introduction of the new system - blamed for an overall decline in pass rates across England, Wales and Northern Ireland - maths and English results at Norbury Manor continued to rise. The rate for students scoring grade 5 or above in the new maths and English GCSEs at the school was almost 18% above average for the local area.
Two students at Norbury Manor were awarded 9s in all three subjects, something achieved by only 2,000 candidates nationwide. Many students also scored straight A*/A grades across their remaining subjects while those in the sixth form enjoyed offers from Russell Group universities as well as Ivy League and Oxbridge colleges.
Amanda Compton, Headteacher, said: “The important thing for us is that the students, as individuals, did so well. Our staff work incredibly hard and these achievements reflect the depth of knowledge, dedication and care they display in making sure students are fully prepared to achieve the highest possible grades.”
“Students enjoy their learning here. We pride ourselves on making lessons engaging and challenging but we also work hard to monitor students’ development so they can be supported where necessary. The publication of the Progress 8 scores highlights just how well we did in comparison to other schools; to be ranked in the top 10% of schools nationally is something we can all be extremely proud of.”
To see how just how well we did compared to other local schools you can use the DfE's comparative performance tool.
Our open evening for prospective year 7 students (September 2019 intake) is on 26th September 2018; our open evening for prospective sixth form students (September 2019 intake) is on 10th October 2018. Please contact us or see our Admissions pages for more information.
This news item was revised on 2nd February 2018 to reflect the fact that Norbury Manor's DfE score of 0.57 places the school not only inside the highest 12% bracket (0.50 or above) but in the top 10% of schools nationally.