Norbury High School for Girls

Norbury Manor to Host Operating Theatre Live

Event open to students from years 10-13
Norbury Manor has been selected as one of a small number of exclusive venues where Operating Theatre Live will take place.
Sponsored by the Royal Society of Medicine, Operating Theatre Live is an exciting educational programme set in a mobile operating theatre. The experience, delivered by a leading anatomist, offers participants the opportunity to follow patients through complete human body dissections. The event will be of particular interest to students looking to pursue careers in medicine or related fields but is open to all those in years 10-13.
Operating Theatre Live will take place on Saturday 21st July, 09.00-20.00, in the Main Hall. Tickets are selling fast and students are encouraged to book a place via this link as soon as possible.
The event follows a trip in March organised by our Medical Society which saw year 12 students participate in The VIVIT Experience in Manchester (see picture, right).