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Important updates concerning the Covid-19 pandemic

Update 14th September:

Letter to parents/carers: remote learning from 14th September


Update 9th September 2021:

Revised risk assessment


Update 19th July 2021:

The year 6 induction day scheduled for July 20th has been cancelled due to Covid-19-related factors. Parents of students beginning at the school in September can find valuable information on the New Year 7 Students page.

The year 12 induction day scheduled for July 20th has also been cancelled.

Induction events are currently scheduled as follows:

  • Year 7 induction day: 6th September 2021
  • Year 12 induction day: 6th September 2021


Update 14th May 2021:

Student guide to awarding in summer 2021


Update 30th March 2021:

Letter to parents 29.03.21 - qualifications grading, summer 2021


Update 11th March 2021:

Dates for testing and attendance by year group


Update 3rd March 2021:

Letter to parents/carers 25.02.21 - remote mock examinations

FAQs - March remote mocks

Guidance: setting up Inspera


Letter to parents/carers 25.02.21 - school reopening and testing

March testing schedule

Step-by-step guide for self-test swabs


Update 8th February 2021:

The school will be closed on Tuesday 9th Feb to all students including those of critical workers due to inclement weather. We are aiming to reopen to vulnerable children and children of critical workers from Wednesday 10th.


Update 2nd February 2021:

Letter to parents/carers 01.02.21 - Key Stage 3 remote assessments


Update 27th January 2021:

Letter to parents/carers 22.01.21

Revised remote learning timetable applicable from 1st February 2021


Update 21st January 2021:

Letter to parents/carers re: spring term examinations and assessments

New remote learning timetable applicable from 1st February 2021


Update 15th January:

BTEC external assessments scheduled for February and March have been  cancelled by the DfE. The Secretary of State for Education determined it was "no longer viable for these exams to go ahead". This affects current year 11 BTEC Health and Social Care students.

Letter to parents/carers 15.01.21


Update 13th January:

Revised risk assessment


Update 8th January:

Letter to parents/carers


Update 6th January:

BTEC Examinations

Please note that BTEC examinations are currently expected to take place on Friday 8th January as planned. We have a small cohort sitting these examinations and have put a number of safety measures in place to ensure these can be carried out Covid-securely.

The exam will take place in the school's large Sports Hall with the exam desks spaced roughly 4m apart. The space is well-ventilated and will be fogged with anti-viral solution ahead of the examinations. Students taking these exams, along with staff invigilating, have been offered rapid Covid-19 tests at 10.00 on Friday 8th January (before the exam). 

Students should base themselves in the sixth form common room; they should maintain distance and will be required to wear a mask at all times. Again, with windows and doors open this is a well -ventilated space. Students may also bring anti-bacterial hand gel into the exam hall if they wish however the bottle must be clear and free of its label.

Any student unable to sit the exam should contact the schools Exams Officer, Ms Townsend as a matter of urgency as there is likely to be paperwork and evidence that needs to be supplied. 

Copy of letter sent to parents 05.01.21


Update 5th January:

Please note that further to the government's announcement on 4th January we will be reverting to our home learning timetable (see update below dated 8th/9th December 2020) for all students until at least 22nd February. The school will be open only for children of critical workers and students classified as vulnerable.

Please note that BTEC examinations are currently expected to take place as planned. We will issue a further update regarding this as soon as possible.


Update 1st January 2021:

Arrangements for the beginning of the 2021 spring term

Monday 4th January is an Inset day however the school will be open for children of critical workers and students classified as vulnerable for the entire week from Monday 4th January onwards. All other students will be taught remotely for the first week back beginning Tuesday 5th January.

Please note this information may be subject to change so do please check back regularly. Please also ensure you have read the Covid-19 testing privacy statement (link below and on our Data Privacy page):

Covid-19 testing privacy statement


Update 12th December 2020:

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Catch-up Premium statement


Update 8th/9th December 2020:

Click for home learning timetable (see also options below for KS4 and KS5 students)

Year Option A Option B Option C Option D Option E


10A/Dr1 (with CES) 10B/Bs1 (with SPL) 10C/Ar1    
  10A/Ge1 (with AMR) 10B/Ci1 (with JSI) 10C/Bs1    
  10A/Hi1 (with JHK) 10B/Cp1 (with SIS) 10C/Fm1    
  10A/Mu1 (with MBN)  10B/Fr1 (with CSP) 10C/Ga1    
  10A/Ps1 (with STS) 10B/Ge1 (with CYO) 10C/Ge1    
  10A/So1 (with EJL) 10B/Hp1 (with EHA) 10C/Hi1    
  10A/Tx1 (with SDK) 10B/Lc1 10C/Ks1    
    10B/Sg1 (with EJL) 10C/Pe8 (with MNA)    
    10B/Dr1 (with CES)      


11CIA/Ci (with SRE) 11BSB 11CIC/Ci (with JSI)    
  11BSA/Bs (with NCL) 11DRB 11CPC/Cp (with AEH)     
  11FMA/Fm (with IST)  11GEB 11GEC/Ge (with CYO)    
  11GAA/Ga (with VR) 11HIB 11SGC/Sg (with EJL)    
  11GEA/Ge (with AMR) 11MUB 11SHC/Sh (with KML)    
  11HIA/Hi (with ADV)  11PEB/Pe (with MNA) 11SOC/So (with MRE)    
  11MSA/Ms (with ACR) 11SGB 11ARC/Ar (with DSL)     
  11PSA/Ps (with STS) 11SHB 11STC/St (with SGY)    
  11SHA/Sh (with ACA) 11TXB 11ICC/Ic (with SIS)    
  11SOA/So (with RLA)   11C7    


12BGA/Bg (with TSZ) 12CHB/Ch (with OSH) 12HIC/Hi (with JHK) 12FSD/Fs (with NJO) 12PSE/Ps (with MRE)
  12CRA/Cr (with TDL) 12ASB/As (with JBR) 12MAC/Ma (with MRA) 12BSD/Bs (with NCL) 12TXE/Tx (with SDK)
  12ELA/EI (with RMD) 12GOB/Go (with ADV) 12RSC/Rs (with DDA) 12MSD/Ms (with FDS)  
    12SOB/So (with MRE) 12SGC/Sg (with MRE)    
    12ARB/Ar (with DSL) 12REN/En (with CCH)    


13ASA/As (with JBR) 13BSB/Bs (with SPL) 13GEC/Ge (with CYO) 13CRD/Cr (with TDL) 13ARE/Ar (with DSL)
  13BGA/Bg (with TSZ) 13CHB/Ch (with CMZ) 13MSC/Ms (with MMM) 13ELD/EI (with ARO) 13PSE/Ps (with STS)
  13ECA/Ec (with NCL) 13HIB/Hi (with ADV) 13RSC/Rs (with DDA) 13MAD/Ma (with MRA)  
    13SOB/So (with MRE) 13SGC/Sg (with MRE)    














































Update 7th December 2020:

Dear Parent & Carers

I am writing to inform you that due to Covid-19 we have taken the decision to close the school to all students and staff as of Tuesday 8th December 2020 until Friday 18th December 2020 inclusive. 

We have not taken this decision lightly and we have been in full consultation with Public Health, Croydon’s Director of Education and the Department for Education in order to ensure the health and safety of all our students and community. There have been an increasing number of cases recently within the school community which include both staff and students and we have already had to send sixth form students home three times. Students who have been in close contact with individuals who have had a recent positive test result have been contacted on an individual basis.

We know that you may find this news concerning and we apologise for the short notice. We assure you that we are continuing to monitor the situation and will continue to work closely with Public Health and the Director of Education for Croydon. We are going to use this closure to perform an enhanced deep clean and fogging process of the entire school, for this reason for the rest of this week we are unable to offer key worker school provision until Monday 14th December from 09.00–15.30.

Since September the school has been preparing, in line with the Government expectations, to ensure that remote learning through Google Classroom will be able to be delivered in case of such eventuality. These are ready and in place for all year groups and in preparation for this we held the Trial Remote learning day on the 18th November 2020. Please do everything that you can to encourage your daughter to engage with the remote learning and please do make contact: should there be any issues. Students are also encouraged to check in with Google Classroom on a daily basis and to contact their teachers via Google Meet. Please be aware that if a teacher is off sick there will be no live lessons but work will be set on the Google Classroom platform

We look forward to welcoming students back to school on Monday 4th January 2021. In the meantime, as per government guidance, stay at home (where possible) until Friday 18th December 2020 and stay safe.

We would like to finish by saying that we have not taken this decision lightly and that we fully understand that this news will be frustrating. However, we take our duty of care to the students and staff very seriously and it is with that in mind that we have reached this decision.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs M Hayden                                                                                                  Mary Turner

Headteacher                                                                                                    Chair of Governors


Update 3rd November:

Revised risk assessment


Older new items related to Covid-19








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