Norbury High School for Girls

Jemima Elected Chair of Croydon Youth Assembly

Year 11 student lands lead role

Norbury High student Jemima-Helen Tshondo has been elected Chair of the Croydon Youth Assembly.

Jemima, a head prefect and member of the school's Student Executive Team for two years, was chosen to lead the assembly from applicants across the borough. She is now set to build on her excellent work as a Student Voice representative at Norbury High by liaising between the assembly and the council to ensure the opinions of younger residents are heard.

Jemima, who won praise for her "exceptional leadership skills, passion and dedication", plans to bring a fresh perspective and deliver new initiatives to represent and empower young people across her home borough.

Croydon Youth Assembly offers residents aged 11-19 a platform to voice their concerns, needs and aspirations; through regular meetings at the Town Hall's council chambers, it enables them to contribute to the development of their community by actively participating in civic affairs.

Jemima said she was "deeply honoured" to be elected Chair and emphasised her belief in "the power of young people to drive positive change." "Together," she said, "we will work towards creating a more inclusive, vibrant, and prosperous Croydon.”

Jason Perry, Executive Mayor of Croydon, said: “I am delighted to see Jemima-Helen elected as the new Chair of the Croydon Youth Assembly – I have no doubt that she will make a tremendous impact [...and] help us to create a Croydon where young people are heard, valued and actively involved in shaping our collective future. I look forward to seeing what she and the youth assembly achieve this year.”

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Image: Your Croydon