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Student Earns SIX Blue Peter Badges

Year 8 student targets further badges

You may have heard of Blue Peter badges but did you know there are different types? Aizza Shahid, one of our year 8 students, certainly does - she currently has six different Blue Peter badges and is hoping for two more to give her the full complement of eight.

Aizza (pictured) was introduced to the popular CBBC show by her cousin and quickly learned all about the badges and how to earn them. Her first badge was the green one which she was awarded for creating a poster about climate change. 

Aizza, who aspires to be a theoretical physicist, received her next badge, the blue one, after writing about her passion for science. Her purple badge was gained after suggesting ideas for the programme (the Blue Peter team responded to say they are bearing Aizza’s proposal for a piece on quantum physics in mind).

Aizza, who also loves reading and writing and won the spelling bee at her primary school five times in a row, received her silver badge for a piece she wrote about her life and the transition into secondary education.

She earned her sports badge after sending in a video of herself trying out a new sporting activity - skateboarding. Her music badge was received after she sent the show a recording of herself playing the piano and talking about her musical experiences.

Aizza already has the orange badge in her sights and also hopes to pick up a gold badge in future but, with only a few of these rarest of badges awarded each year for exceptional achievements, she knows it won’t be easy; nevertheless, she is determined to try.

Bearing in mind her achievements so far, we certainly wouldn’t bet against her.

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Photograph by Darren reproduced with thanks under a CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 licence