Norbury High School for Girls

Useful Links

Need some online support? The links below may be useful for students, parents and carers...

  • Sacu - a unique career quiz used by students at thousands of UK schools and colleges; offers independent and impartial careers information
  • Fast Tomato - one of the most popular online career guidance programmes for young people
  • Career Comp@nion - an independent and impartial gateway to careers information on the Net
  • Careermag from Careermap - up-to-date info on apprenticeships, courses & grad programmes
  • icould - real-life career videos, advice and information to inspire your career
  • Careersbox - a careers film library which shows hundreds of real people doing real jobs
  • National Apprenticeship Service - information on the range of available apprenticeships
  • National Careers Service - the government's information, advice and guidance service
  • Future Finder - connects today’s A level choices with tomorrow’s careers and shows employment areas that are growing; matches A level choices with potential earnings
  • Digital Talent for London - The Mayor of London’s Digital Talent programme funds new industry-approved digital technology training courses for young people; it aims to attract more women and Londoners from a variety of backgrounds to the sector
  • All About School Leavers - helps school leavers find jobs and understand career paths
  • Game Plan - this King’s College London site uses gaming to encourage learning about higher education and career options
  • How2become - guidance on how to write a CV, complete an application form, pass psychometric tests and succeed in interviews
  • YMCA Training - a national charity with an impressive track record of transforming the lives of young people and adults through work-related apprenticeship training and employment support
  • Careerpilot - explores choices at 14, 16 and 18 and combined study and work options
  • Not Going to Uni - info and guidance on apprenticeships, gap years, distance learning and jobs
  • Medic Mentor - mentoring organisation for future doctors, dentists and vets
  • UCAS Careers Advice - connects people to universities, postgraduate studies including teacher training, apprenticeships and internships 
  • First Careers - guidance for students making decisions about future careers and professions
  • Careers and Employability Handbook - free 380-page guide from Study & Careers Hub
  • Study & Careers Magazine - secondary & sixth form educational and careers magazine with tips & advice to help students excel
  • All About Careers - a one-stop shop for everything careers-related